LOL hey again!

I’m Stamper, and I make things.  I design stuff, make cartoons and music, voice-act…blah blah.
You are correct: “DANCE MONKEY…DANCE!”


StamperTV features a selection of my creative work – not all of it, of course – but enough of it.  It also serves as an excellent backup site for work I can’t post elsewhere, or gets removed from places like YouTube.  Normally due to some faggy group of crybaby pricks.  Or a hyena-like pack of bored lawyers.

While my work might not be for everyone, it’s simply a representation of who I am and what I find amusing; I’m just dumping my brains out to the world while I’m still here.  You should do the same…you never know when you’ll die in your sleep!

Man, that’d be sweet.  Nice and peaceful.  No more problems.  Ahhh…mmmyesss…  🙂

More Intel & Bullshit

My name is Will Stamper.  Nobody calls me Will, aside from ex-girlfriends (in a bitter manner) and family members.  It’s best to stick to Stamper, or Stamp.  Or Stampy.  I’m a high-school dropout, I like ground beef in my Velveeta shells and cheese, and the sunrise makes me uncomfortable.  I’m about 5’11.  Average wiener.

I’m a straight-up mutt; my pop’s side is German-ish, my mom’s side is Polynesian-ish.  I was born in Maryland into a Navy family; as a result, I grew up in many different places.  It became something of a second nature to move frequently, and even as an adult, I found myself hanging my hat up in many different locations.  I still consider many of these places ‘home’!

Uh…I dunno what else to say.

As stated, I never finished high school, nor did I attend college.  I’m pretty much all self-taught, trial and error.  I began my career with full focus on graphic and web-design; animation, audio, and anything else was merely hobby-stuff.  I kept on dabblin’ over the years, and eventually fell into doing…a bit of everything, full-time!  With everyone!  YAY!  FUCK YEAH!  WOOoOoooOOO!  LET’S PULL OUR TITTIES OUT AND SMUSH THEM TOGETHER!

Alright so spaghetti with meat sauce is probably my favorite meal.  I could eat over-easy eggs on toast every morning for breakfast and never get sick of it…maybe with some country-style sausage on the side.  Bacon is pretty tasty, but I’ve always liked sausage more.  I could really go for a big bowl of ramen right now, but I’ll probably just make myself a bologna and cheese sandwich with mayo on Wonder Bread, because I’m white as fuck, and that’s how I roll.

I like girls because they’re squishy and soft and smell nice (generally).

…that about sums everything up!

I’m a giant bitch with fat little titties that bounce around San Diego nowadays.

Various Associations

My my, where does the time go?


I worked for Newgrounds Inc. for roughly 10 years (starting ~2003) as the lead web and graphic designer.  To this day, my final website design still stands.  I picked up a lotta chops there – designed a lot of stuff, made a lot of art n’ audio, and worked with a lot of cool cats.  Still love and respect the place!  The NG team will always be a big part of my life and dear friends.  We continue to work together on various projects to this day!  Tom Fulp is a dumb slut.

The Behemoth

I’ve worked with The Behemoth on a variety of their projects.  Most noteworthy, narration and music for BattleBlock Theater!  I also put in work on Castle Crashers (music and sound effects).  I narrate and do various things for Pit People as well…eh, just assume we make a great team and will continue to work together into the future!

Uh, the personal work you find on this site has no relation to this fine company.


I was one of the original founders of SleepyCabin.  I’ve since moved on and left the company in the capable hands of my good friend and associate, Ricepirate!

SleepyCabin has since disbanded due to different lifestyles and goals.  But…who’s to say what the future will bring?

Technical Intel for Creators

Quick answers to common questions…
(Although it doesn’t matter what you use to get the job done!)

Basic Hardware

I use a PC I built and a couple laptops to get my shit done.  ASUS laptops, primary laptop is an ASUS RoG.

I use an Intuos 3 to draw and animate with.  An Intuos Creative Pen & Touch if I’m on the road.  I’m not too fond of the Cintiq, but to each their own!

My recording gear varies – though, it’s generally an AT2020 (USB or XLR) and some sort of audio interface.

Primary Software

Visual Software

Flash CS3 ~ Current
Illustration & Animation

Photoshop CS3 ~ Current
General Design & Graphics

After Effects CS3 ~ Current
Motion Graphics, Video Editing

Vegas Pro 13
Video Mixing & Editing

Audio Software

Audio Recording & Editing

Audio Mixing

FL Studio
Music n’ Little Ditties


Flash to Video Conversion
Read more about Swivel here!