hi i'm STAMPER aka StamperTV welcome to my cool website enjoy your stay pimp!!!

cool linx: MY YOUTUBE | MY FACEBOOK | YO MAMA lol j/k

╰( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )つ──☆*:・゚ StamperTV@gmail.com

About Me Section

i like making things like art and cartoons and music and i like drinking beer and looking at pictures of naked dudes lol j/k i'm not gay
also i work out a lot and i'm pretty jacked

that's it for now expect lots of cool updates later on
in the meantime check out this picture of my girlfriend sitting on my car you can download it if you want to just right click the picture and save it

lol just kidding thats not my girlfriend or my car its just some hot chick sitting on a cool car
i'll prolly be buying one soon (the car not the chick lol) or maybe i'll get a cool lambo like this one prolly

ok pimps cya later!!! ill prolly install a guest book later so u pimps can holla at me!!!
get pussy and money fo life haha my friend told me to write that hes stupid

you are cool vistor number
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web counter
yes u hater that is a legit number i wasnt refreshing the page i guess im just popular dont hate