Buckle Your Pants

Dan and I are mega huge idiots, so every now and again we’d sit around the office and sing people’s actions.  It’s a good way to break up the monotony – eat the food, punch a butt, climb the stairs – and when John was spending many-a-late-night designing a Castle Crashers-themed belt buckle, ‘buckle your pants’ was born.  Around the time I was finishing the cinematics, I thought it’d be fun to hook up an official song.  It was nice to share something personal to us with the player, and I feel it wrapped up the game (and development process) on a fun note.  Yeah, FUN!  I mean, game development doesn’t ALWAYS have to be a heartless struggle of a cutthroat nightmare, right?  When your bottom line is to entertain, there’s no need to overthink it.  Just buckle your pants!

Download MP3s (.ZIP)

Contains the Original Version, Finale Version, Chiptune (Ringtone) Version, and more!
BONUS MP3 DOWNLOAD: ‘Fade Into the Dark’ (Credits Theme) (.ZIP)

Secret Stage

The game required a secret song.  I alternated these fresh-ass lyrics with Dan in one clean run, and that’s all you need to know.

I tend to joke that only The Behemoth would accept a song like this – you turn this in at any other company, and you’d more than likely be fired.

Download .MP3 (.ZIP)

Mr. Finale

The song I made for the finale (boss) stages.  Needed to add some pep to those brutal finale (boss) levels Erin designed.  Also called ‘nightmare stages’.  By me.  I’ll never forgive her.

I threw this one together in FL Studio with various plugs, most notably the Magical 8bit Plug (VST) you can grab over at YMCK. YMCK is sweet, check their music out!

Download .MP3 (.ZIP)

Oh, you can download the art used in the above videos riiight…here!

These were just my musical contributions.  For a more in-depth look at my involvement, head over to the BattleBlock Project Page.

BattleBlock Project Page

DKC2 vs BattleBlock Theatre – Funky Secret
by FazonPhusion