Only those who are pure of heart something something…pinch his bottom 3 times and he’ll grant you 1 wish!  Anything your heart desires!

…within reason.

Art, Animation, Voices & Music

3D Modeling, Extra Art Pieces

Kid’s T-Shirt Design


Prince Winterberry’s Theme

Just a little ditty I threw together while singing along like a psycho.

Download Song

Crown Wallpaper

The end card from the movie, if anyone wants it!

Download 1920x1080

Sad Winterberry Theme (Credits)
“Nigga You’re Crazy” Clip

The Crown

I wanted a magical crown instead of a traditional-style one.  I figured it’d help drive the point home that Prince Winterberry is…otherwordly.

My brutha Mindchamber modeled a few concepts.  I went with the taller-style one, as it was more fitting.  I’ll save the fat crown for later – maybe for a morbidly obese prince.  Prince Winterfatty?

You’ll also see lots of little pieces of Mindchamber’s art n’ characters sprinkled throughout the background in the form of posters and toys.  Seemed fitting!

Interactive Crown-Action


Little fun fact, my buddy Spazkid designed the shirt for Jerry.  Er, ‘the kid’.
Not many people got the joke, but it’s a ‘Blue-Eyes White Dragon‘.  GET IT?  YU-GI-OH – SNAP!  sorry i said that

Spazkid on YouTube

Peace, and the 3 fingers!

Prince Winterberry will return.  Some day…right when we need him the most.


*Him?  Him.

Until then, may all your wildest dreams come true!  (So long as they’re within reason and relatively affordable.)

Art by XOMBIES, check her channel out for more cool stuff and stuff!