The Garbage saga continues – me and my fox pal(s) enjoy life, love, and…I dunno, chicken. I guess. Won’t you join us?

*my fox pal(s) and I


Jeff Bandelin (JohnnyUtah)
Garbage Art, Special Guest, and Additional Fox-Dad

There won’t be a Garbage the Fox 3.

Garbage eventually got a bit better, as did Rubbish.  There were actually 3 foxes in total (maybe more), who lived behind the SleepyCabin office (all but a memory now).  One day, they all simply left together.  Unfortunate, because I miss the little guys…but I like to think they’re doing well, wherever they are!  Foxes are resilient creatures, that’s for sure.

Thanks for all the interest and support, though!

…especially when it came to medication options, shelters and rescue centers, and information in general.  It was truly fascinating to watch these lil’ guys heal and grow in the short time we had together, and I learned a lot!

…a lot of pointless shit, I guess.  It’s not like all this “fox data” is helping my everyday life.

But thanks again, guys!  And who knows?  Maybe I’ll find a vampire bat or a fucking badger or something next.  I’m a sucker for animals.  Probably because they don’t bitch and moan all day about dumb shit.