I dunno. I saw this PEZ dispenser at an arts and crafts store and got this idea pretty much immediately. I recall trying to explain the potential video to my SO-CALLED “FRIENDS”, and they all thought it was STUPID.



Scenes taken from Thor (2011)
(I’d like to think that’s obvious.)

  • Filmed on a shitty green screen.
  • Fishing line used to pull head back hands-free.

A Message to Odin

Odin, hear me now:  I apologize for calling you a bitch.  Furthermore, I apologize for suggesting that your genitals are below-average in quality.  It was all in good fun, a simple jest; I am but a mere mortal, and not worthy of your swift vengeance.

I will spend my remaining years hailing your name!

Thank you for everything, Odin.  You are truly the God and master of everything.  I long for the day we can walk side-by-side through the halls of Valhalla, where the brave live forever.