sTV Donation

It’s fairly common for people to ask about donating to sTV (e.g., setting up a Patreon account) so…for those interested, here ya go!

Minimum Price: $0.01


I recommend saving your money for more important things, though.  Like…DUDE, go to McDonald’s – you know you can put Mac sauce on anything now, right? Never feel obligated to donate, of course – I’ll keep doing what I do regardless!  Any and all donations go straight to StamperTV stuff (hardware, products, server fees, etc.), and helps keep the site ad-free!  Fuck ads anyways.  Ultra-mega thanks for all your support over the years!  Hell…thanks for merely swinging by the site!

Peace out…family-fo-life niggaaa!

P.S.  I love Patreon, it’s a great service!  I simply didn’t feel like maintaining an outside service when I could do it in-house.  If there’s a specific reason you’d PREFER the use of Patreon, hit me up and let me know why!