FAT REFUND (Stamper + Egoraptor + Marc M. + Ricepirate)

Download options include a max-quality MP3 and/or FLAC (for those who want it)!  ZIPs also include a pointless desktop wallpaper.

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Also available for download at Gumroad!: https://gumroad.com/l/adQO

Blast this while you fill out your W-2 and your taxes will never be the same.  Well, they’ll be the same…but a bit less boring.  Name your price, or grab it for free (don’t feel guilty)!  Alternatively, throw me a bone or 2 so I can keep doing this shit because GOD DAMN, IT AIN’T CHEAP!  …IT’S ACTUALLY SURPRISINGLY EXPENSIVE, LIKE “GOD DAMMIT, WHAT?” EXPENSIVE.

Peace out, guys – love you all!