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…as opposed to falling off the planet, which many people assume I have!  I can’t blame ya, there’s been a significant lack of original content from my end!  Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on your thoughts), I’m still alive…I’ve just been hustling forward on The Behemoth‘s new game, Pit People!  Many of you know this already (and may already be playing it), but I’ll explain a bit more.

My Involvement ‘n More

As I’ve mentioned on this site, I’m doing a bunch of different things for the game.  I’m voicing most of it (the narrator, people, trolls, etc.), handling sound effects, fiddling with music…and more recently, lending my hands to art and cinematics!  This is all in an effort to help steamroll the production forward and get this babyboy released sooner than later!  Either way, you can see how 24 hours in a day just isn’t enough time to work on much else.

It’s been suggested that I livestream various aspects of the development process as a quick form of ‘content creation’.  I know a lot of people with huge projects who do just that, and it’s pretty cool!  Unfortunately I can’t, as most of what I’m working on is still under wraps.  Plus, a lot of it is audio work, and streaming audio production is counterproductive and damn near impossible.  Sooo…I’ll just have to remain irrelevant for a little while longer.


Yes, the game story IS weird…and no, it doesn’t make sense.  YET!  😮

As We Speak

I mentioned above that some of you are already playing the game (if you signed up for the public beta).  That being said, it’s obviously limited in length and not finished (especially on the content-side of things).  We’re moreso putting the game through a battery of network and gameplay tests to collect super valuable data!

If you fall into this category-o-cats, stay tuned – there’s a lot you haven’t seen yet!  Otherwise, sit tight while we bang through this beast and release the kraken.  Remember that?  ‘Release the kraken’?  Remember?  Remember that meme?  Let alone the movie it came from?  Did anyone who used the meme even see the movie?  DOUBT IT, I NEVER DID.  That movie looked dumb as fuck.

As I’ve said, stay tuned for an in-depth ‘Project‘ page upon release of the game – there’s gonna be a lot to cover!  Until then, you can see ‘n learn more over at the official sites for this game.

The Behemoth Official Site  Pit People Official Site

“What about the future you punk bitch?”

…you say?  Well, we’ll see what happens!  Projects of this magnitude almost always hit a few bottlenecks; it’s easy to get tied down for a while!  No sweat, it’s all a matter of time and patience…I’ll be back in gear sooner than you think!

Peace and hormones, homies!