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“Welcome to the party, PAAAL.”
– John McLane, ‘Die Hard’


Apologies for all the dancing chicks…I’m kinda short on dance GIFs.

Welcome to StamperTV.  Drop ya’ drawls and let the party begin!

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.  Then he was all like, “Yo Stamp, you should make a website to put your shit on because YouTube is pussy and God me forbid you show a titty or make ‘the wrong joke’…the world might fall into chaos!”  Then I was all like, “Good idea, God!”  Then he pointed at my titties and asked why I abandoned my workout plan…man I was PISSED.  I was all like “FUCK YOU DUDE”, then he got all pissy like the crybaby bitch he is and slapped the mug out of my hand, splashing coffee and sugary cream ALL over my fresh new Jordans.  That’s when I had to kick the shit out of him.  In Street Fighter.  Also in real life.  Then we compared dick sizes and mine was way bigger, ANYWAY.

Plus his wiener looks funny…it’s dark, brownish-green for some reason and bent like a question mark, ok ANYWAY.

Er…so welcome to StamperTV!  I’ll still be posting to YouTube and so forth, but anything I CAN’T post elsewhere will go riiight here.  More freedom, less rules, the end.  It also gives me the opportunity to be a bit more comprehensive on a project-to-project basis (a good example being Fairy Wish Prince).

So…yep.  New site.  Stay tuned, I’ll be filling this bitch up as time goes on.  If you’re a borderline alcoholic like myself, and you’re constantly looking for any reason at all to justify tipping one back…here you go!  To the future. CLINK!

…FUCK this episode of Tales from the Crypt is scary!  Shit son, I gotta sleep soon LOL!  😀

Sayonara boys and ghouls!


P.S.  I can’t put my finger on why exactly, but I’m mega horny all of a sudden!